Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer for Prosperity

Prayer for Prosperity
By Dr. Mary Giangreco

This prayer is set up to pray in your personal prayer time.

When I speak to mountains (kingdoms in darkness) they are removed.  I am made into a new threshing instrument with sharp teeth.  I will thresh the mountains and beat them small.  I will make the hills like chaff (small kingdoms in darkness).  I will winnow them and the wind of the Holy Spirit will carry them away, a whirlwind will scatter them.

I am increasing and prospering.  I have good success.  I will advance, get ahead, become wealthy and I will continue to increase. I will profit in everything I do because whatever I put my hands to do prospers.

I thrive, I flourish, I spring up, I burst forth at the seams with wealth and the riches of the kingdom of God.  I take my inheritance as an heir of God and a joint heir in Christ Jesus.  I grow and develop in wisdom and prudence speaks to me witty inventions and new ideas.

I have the prosperity of my Father for I am a son and daughter of the Most High God.  I have His affluence in the earth.  For He has given me a good life.  A life of milk and honey, abundance, plenty, prosperity and wealth.  He has given me the fat of the land.  I am thriving in all areas that concerns me.  For I am a descendant of the Most High God.  I am  in full swing developing in the government of my Father when it comes to prosperity.  When I was born again my Father God put a silver spoon in my mouth.  He has given me favor throughout all the earth.  I am  in His divine favor, every where I go I have the advantage.  I am worth a great deal in the realm of the kingdom of God and in the realm of the earth.  

My Father has ordained me to get things done that His kingdom would be known on earth as it is in heaven.  I am weighed down by the investments of diamonds, wealth, riches and prosperity of the kingdom of God.  I have been given the keys of the kingdom to loose the riches of heaven that belong to me.  I am sitting on top of a gold mine.  My Father’s streets are made of gold.  He makes sure I am well-supplied; abounding, overflowing, full, running over with His riches, wealth and prosperity.  I have affluence in the spirit and natural realm.  The law of sin and death does not rule over me.  But I live in the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and I am  free from the law of sin and death.  The law of death will no longer open the door for lack in Jesus name.

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