Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer for Prosperity

Prayer for Prosperity
By Dr. Mary Giangreco

This prayer is set up to pray in your personal prayer time.

When I speak to mountains (kingdoms in darkness) they are removed.  I am made into a new threshing instrument with sharp teeth.  I will thresh the mountains and beat them small.  I will make the hills like chaff (small kingdoms in darkness).  I will winnow them and the wind of the Holy Spirit will carry them away, a whirlwind will scatter them.

I am increasing and prospering.  I have good success.  I will advance, get ahead, become wealthy and I will continue to increase. I will profit in everything I do because whatever I put my hands to do prospers.

I thrive, I flourish, I spring up, I burst forth at the seams with wealth and the riches of the kingdom of God.  I take my inheritance as an heir of God and a joint heir in Christ Jesus.  I grow and develop in wisdom and prudence speaks to me witty inventions and new ideas.

I have the prosperity of my Father for I am a son and daughter of the Most High God.  I have His affluence in the earth.  For He has given me a good life.  A life of milk and honey, abundance, plenty, prosperity and wealth.  He has given me the fat of the land.  I am thriving in all areas that concerns me.  For I am a descendant of the Most High God.  I am  in full swing developing in the government of my Father when it comes to prosperity.  When I was born again my Father God put a silver spoon in my mouth.  He has given me favor throughout all the earth.  I am  in His divine favor, every where I go I have the advantage.  I am worth a great deal in the realm of the kingdom of God and in the realm of the earth.  

My Father has ordained me to get things done that His kingdom would be known on earth as it is in heaven.  I am weighed down by the investments of diamonds, wealth, riches and prosperity of the kingdom of God.  I have been given the keys of the kingdom to loose the riches of heaven that belong to me.  I am sitting on top of a gold mine.  My Father’s streets are made of gold.  He makes sure I am well-supplied; abounding, overflowing, full, running over with His riches, wealth and prosperity.  I have affluence in the spirit and natural realm.  The law of sin and death does not rule over me.  But I live in the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and I am  free from the law of sin and death.  The law of death will no longer open the door for lack in Jesus name.

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My Pacific Rim (the movie) Revelation

Yesterday, seeing that it was a discount day at the theatre, Tom my husband, Tre and Gabriel our grandsons and me went to see the movie Pacific Rim.  You need to know that Tom, Tre, Gabriel, Christy and Tommy my son went to see the movie this past weekend.  I opted to go to Monsters University with my granddaughter Gianna.  Tommy and Christy didn’t feel comfortable with Gianna seeing Pacific Rim and after seeing it I understand why.  Monsters University is another revelation for another time. (I will add this though: the motto for Monsters University is, “We scare because we care.”  Who is it they care for?  It’s only the energy they get from scaring little kids to supply power for their cities of monsters.)  Getting back to Pacific Rim.  This movie has so many spiritual aspects that relate to spiritual warfare, that it is not funny in the least bit.  

Pacific Rim is about an alien invasion that came, not out of the sky like a typical alien movie invasion, but out of the ground under the sea, through some kind of portal.  The monster aliens are called Kaiju. They rose up out of the sea with terror, looking a little like prehistoric animals but were, I’d say, a billion times larger in size than your normal prehistoric animal.  Each one came out after a period of time, slightly more evolved then the previous ones.  They didn’t look like the prehistoric animals we’re familiar with from our text books.  

This invasion wasn’t limited only to the United States but the rest of the world too was ravished by these so called aliens.  All the countries put aside their differences and joined their forces together and came up with a plan.  The governments agreed to put their resources together and came up with robots called Jaegers.  You have to understand the Jaegers (robots) where almost as gargantuan as the Kaiju (monsters).  The Jaegers were massive but that doesn’t hardly describe them.  They are commanded by two pilots who’s minds are locked in a neural bridge;  kind of a mind meld.  These two pilots operate the Jaegers from a cockpit area inside the head and are in each others minds.  They know each others past and present thoughts.  While “bridged”, they could even help each other through some of the most desperate times they had to live through.  The Jaegers (robots) were fully equipped with every kind of weapon.  When all else failed it seemed to me that the double edged sword was the most effective weapon.  At one point one of the Kaiju (monsters) was gutted like a pig from one end to the other end straight down the belly.  The picture I saw in my minds eye was the devil being cut straight down the belly with the sword of the Spirit, from one end to the other, being cut like a pig and he is squealing all the way through it.  Helpless to defend himself. 

Then there was two crazy scientists one was a Physics Specialist and the other was a Biology Specialist. They usually insisted on not working together.  It was the Biology Specialist that got me.  He had a part of the brain of one of the Kaiju (monsters) and somehow he was able to mind meld with the brain.  He saw visions of what the aliens were doing and their intent on destroying the earth.   They weren’t going to stop there they would move on to destroy other planets and civilizations.  He discovered the Kaiju (monsters) were just clones, being controlled by the actual aliens.  Spoiler alert:  Later in the movie the two scientists mind melded together with the brain of a baby Kaiju (monster) and found a way to get into the portal to destroy the headquarters of the aliens.  

I thought the monsters coming out from the ground under the sea is a representation of hell.  The monsters represent the demonic world that is sent by their commanders (aliens) to destroy mankind and everything that is familiar to them.  At times, the demonic can feel and look a billion times more than we are.  This is far from true.  I saw the Jaegers (robots) representing the armor of God.  If man could come up with an idea of robot armor being gargantuan to fight a gargantuan Kaiju,  well then...think about our armor and how enormous the armor of God is and how big we must be in the spirit to wear His supernatural armor.  Think about that when you’re praying and coming against the enemy.  See yourself cowing over the enemy and see the enemy as small as an ant.  Then begin to see the terror in the enemy’s face.  Stand in the authority and dominion that has been given to you through the blood of Jesus and the government of the kingdom of God.

The two minds of the pilots working together to destroy the Kaiju were set on the same things.  They were not going in two different directions.  Just think, if we in the body of Christ set our minds on those things that are above, and had the same mindset pursuing the mind of Christ, we certainly would be linked together.  In such a way that it would create a barrier where the enemy couldn’t touch any of us. Our minds would be linked together by the Spirit of Christ.  We would be in unity not only with each other but we would be in unity with the kingdom of God.  Our unity would be far better than Aaron’s unity of priesthood in the Old Testament. This is just an observation.  I’m not implying that I’m doing away with the order of Aaron’s priesthood.  Our unity would come from the DNA of Christ and His thinking.  Just think what we could get done for Christ today; the power and glory that would be activated in the body of Christ and in the earth.  In the movie, it wasn’t until the two scientists joined together in their efforts to save the planet, that they where successful in getting a plan together to destroy the aliens.  

It was when all the countries put aside their differences and came together for one purpose, to save the planet and the people in it, that I thought about the body of Christ and its leaders.  How awesome it would be if we all could only come together in a unity to save the planet and the people for the Lord Jesus Christ, putting aside our differences.  Preaching the gospel of salvation to those who sit in darkness.  

The governments didn’t bat an eye when they put their resources together.  I’m not just talking about money.  I’m talking about allowing people to participate with their expertise and know how.  The Word of God talks about the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies...every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.  Yeah, Christians don’t have weapons like they used in this move.  Our weapon is of another caliber, and its the most powerful of all weapons, and its called love.  Satan can’t handle love.  He is completely powerless.  I say, apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers, equip your people to fight the good fight of faith and loose them to do what they’ve been called to do.  At one point in the movie the general didn’t want to let the character Macho be one of the pilots.  (Later it was revealed why he was holding her back, but not important here).  Macho was fully equipped to operate the Jaegers (robots).  Finally when all was said and done and she and Raleigh were pretty much the last two pilots standing, they worked together and annihilated the enemy and their camp.   Pastors, you just never know who is sitting in your congregations that carry the true power of God.

The sword that the Jaegers were equipped with were pretty terrible in the way that they were awesomely powerful.  At one point, Macho and Raleigh’s only remaining weapon was the sword.  You should have seen them. Raleigh said, “We have no weapons”, while this monster was coming at them.  Then Macho said, “the sword.” Well when I heard that I felt power run through me and pulsate up and down my body.  All the while I was thinking the, sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.  After Macho pushed some buttons on the computer, this mechanical gold sword started to fabricate.  The sword seemed alive as it clicked and formed its shape like a transformer. Like a loose chain where all the links tighten up to become one solid form.  The Jaeger had its victories, defeating with a sharp kill of the sword, being most effective in hand to hand combat.  

In the end the world was saved and the aliens and Kaiju (monsters) were annihilated off the face of the earth.  For us who stand with Christ in the armor of God, the enemy has been defeated and rendered powerless and we are a billion times more than our enemies.  See yourself that way and know that you have been equipped and you have the victory. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vision: Self Piety/River of Life/Jesus is Wild Crazy in Love with Us

It seemed like many days had passed that I hadn't heard from the Lord.  I continued to remain in prayer, the Word of God, spent much time with Him in worship and quiet listening for Him. There was still nothing.  When I began to think this is where my problems began.  My husband Tom has been unemployed for about a year and a half.  Daily he is diligently doing job searches, looking on job boards via the computer.

I remember the days when an unemployed person would look in the newspaper, find what interest them, go to the place of employment, fill out an application and attached a resume, if they had one. Then leave with the hopeful possibility of employment or a call for a face to face interview.  Not anymore...

There are job boards that are regularly posted on the computer.  If there is one that suits you then you apply by sending in your resume. When it reached an agent, who represents a company needing a position filled, the agent will call you and you're interviewed over the phone.  The agent contacts the company who is looking for placement and, if their interested, the agent sets up a phone interview.  If the company likes what they hear then they will let you know, with a promise to phone you back in a week or two. In the mean while, they are interviewing others for the same position.  There have been many times when Tom didn't get a call back even though they said they were interested.  Or the company would have other staff members interview Tom and promised a face to face interview and never got back to him.  Some of the companies Tom has interviewed with just never filled the position.  Anyway....

Here, I am feeling sorry for myself with self piety up to my ears.  By now I'm crying big drops of tears streaming down both sides of my cheeks saying, "I thought, God you were going to give Tom a job a long time ago." Then I play the tither's card (haven't we all done that at one time or another), "We give, we tithe." Is this really going to move God?  Then I said, "On top of all this we are living with our son and his family."All the while I'm thinking quietly, 'I should be grateful that we have a place to live.  We are welcome in our son's house.'  By the way, they all have been so good to us.  Then I go back to, "Why doesn't Tom have a job.  What are You doing up there God." I'm sure whoever is reading this has never done this before in their life.

Laying on my bed now, I rolled over on my side.  As I roll over, out of nowhere, with my eyes closed, I see the feet of Jesus.  There is the greenest grass that you ever did see peaking out between His feet.  To the left of me I see water.  By this time I know where I am. There we were at the River of Life.  I was grateful that He revealed Himself during such a depressed time.  In my religious way, which isn't a good thing, I said, "Jesus, I wash Your feet with my tears.  Refreshing Your feet. I give you all of my brokenness." Then I begin to worship Him. I'm so caught up in my own self piety that I'm not understanding how religious I am.

Every so sweetly Jesus puts out His hand as an offer of acceptance. I put my hand in His.  He lifts me to my feet.  I'm standing face to face with Him.  I'm crying all the more now because I'm with Jesus and the crying seemed different.  I was very aware of His love.  No matter what condition I was in, whether it was self piety, acting religious, broken and depressed, He loved me enough to show Himself to me.  In an eternal split moment, He was embracing me and I cried all the more.  When you're in a vision, everything seems like it's magnified and you're aware of everything.  I remember His arms across the back of my shoulders and around my back.  His hand gently gripping my left forearm with such love.  Even though I was in the vision I could see as a seer from the outside in.   On Jesus' face I could see all my sorrow as He took it all, as my intercessor.

I could hear Him say, "It's okay."  He said it over and over again. He didn't say, Thus saith My Father or it shall come to pass in a booming low deep voice.  Every time He said, "Its ok," I cried even more.  By this time it was a cry of relief and release because I knew He wasn't pacifying me.  He was actually working on my behalf.  All at once, before I could say thank-You, while in His embrace, I could feel pressure of His arm on my right arm. All at the same time I could feel the weight of His body leaning toward the left of us.  We both were falling into the River of Life.  Our embrace was broken, Jesus was laughing, splashes of water were everywhere.  I broke out into laughter too and started splashing Him and He of course splashed me back.

When all the splashing stopped and my head bobbed above the water, we were both silent, looking at each other.  I could feel the life in the water saturating my whole being.  All the strength and hope returning to my body and soul.  I heard Jesus say, "Drink, whatever you have need of, drink." I scooped the water with my cupped hands and with every slurping sound there was a new found life pouring into me.  WOW!  I felt like a new person.  It felt so energizing and empowering.  When I came out of the encounter I forgot what I was crying about.  His love is healing...

Whatever we need is in the River of Life.  Jesus said, "If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water" (John 7:37). "How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.  They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, and You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures" (Psalm 36:7-8).  If you want to drink from the River of Life, close your eyes and begin to see it.  See yourself through the Scriptures drinking from the River.

Jesus is wild, crazy in love with us.  He is drawing us to Himself by His love, not His judgment.  Man's un-renewed mind judges in the cruelest way sometimes. Man's love is of this world.  Jesus' love is far beyond unconditional and not of this world.  He is wild about us.  He will never abandon us in our lowest or darkest moments in life.  In those times be confident that He will love you through it all. When we experience and know His love for us we can give it to others.

There were two other times I experience His love and I asked Him if I could carry this love with me for others.  After these experiences I noticed that I had a more calm spirit and wasn't agitated over things.  Then one day the Lord said, "Love will cause you to walk in all the fruit of the Spirit.  Love generates the personality of the Holy Spirit that you might walk in the spirit with Him."  The Scripture tells us, "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God" (I John 4:7).  I believe this love comes from knowing God and experiencing Him.  That we might pass on this love that is not of this world.  I'm not saying I'm there yet.  There are times when I miss the mark.  There is always the Word of God, the revelations and visions He willingly shows us.  He sees our hearts.  Our prayer could be, "Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting" (Psalm 139:23-24).  "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; do not forsake the works of Your hands" (Psalm 138:8).   We are the works of His hands, His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10).  He is crazy in love with us.  Just remember that when there is that old feeling of, "where is He", comes up and "what is He doing",  He is saying, "It's okay."  There is nothing religious about Jesus, there is not a religious bone in His body.

Today Tom had an interview with a company for a contract/possible hire for employment.  It looks promising, I'll let you all know if he was hired or not.

Dr. Mary Giangreco