Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where are the Signs and Wonders?

What is the church today doing with the Holy Spirit and why is He not allowed to be who He is? When, and if, the worship happens to heighten to a place where His presence is known, the worship is often disrupted by another song that just does not fit or some other untimely distraction takes place. By now the presence of the Holy Spirit has vanished or lifted. We move on to greeting the person next to us, shaking hands, saying God bless you and on to announcements. What happened to the move of the Spirit of God and allowing Him to be who He is? Why aren't the local churches using the people in the pews?

Frankly, I have concerns for the body of Christ at large and my descendants after me. The body of Christ concerns me in the way that if we are not experiencing the Holy Spirit within the church how will the saints know the difference between what is of the Antichrist and what is from the Spirit of God. The concern for my descendants is that they would grow passive and not desire to fulfill the destiny they have received from God and the following generations are prone to walk away from God. Where there is no vision the people perish. My children and my grandchildren and their children after them have an inheritance and they are sitting on a pew with it, doing absolutely nothing.

The five-fold ministry doesn't seem to be in operation in most of the local churches and operating to the perfecting and equipping of the saints (Ephesians 4:11-12). The pastor only makes up one fifth of the five fold ministry. Where are the apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers for the equipping of the saints? Something is lopsided. One out of five cannot do it all. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I heard a very popular old-time minister say, on T.V. recently, that this is one of the most distructive turn of events that he's seen in his life time. Too many churches have become geared to be "Seeker Friendly"; those were his words. They know that the move of the Spirit can be contriversial so they stay away from such things. They say it's more important to keep them there and get them saved then to scare them off. They set aside "other" special meetings were they allow the Spirit to work.

But they are taking away the most important aspect of evangalizm; signs and wonders. They've asked the Holy Spirit to stand to the side while "they" take care of salvation; the excact time the Holy Spirit needs to be there. And they wonder why the salvation experience is so dry and lifeless. The've boxed up the Holy Spirit and take him out to perform at "their" whim and not His.
When are pastors going to let the Spirit control their services instead of themselves. It's no wonder that when they "occasionally" attempt to move in the Spirit, it's usually as contrived and lifeless as the salvation (alter-call) experience; because the Spirit is no longer present after all.

Just my opinion...